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all i ever wanted was you my love; you're all i ever wanted [entries|friends|calendar]
and they found you on the bathroom floor...

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(my final breath is gOne)
mY AnGeL wiThOuT wiNgS [13 Oct 2004|08:27pm]
[ mood | jubilant ]

after work brittany came over and said that nelson(hOTt aSs biTcH), kevin, and mikey were gunna come chill. soo when they came we went and picked up amanda and came back to my house and hung out here for a while. then my dad came home so we went up to Hess and did whatever, returned to my house. all i have to say is that nelson is quite adorable hahaha. i was going crazy half the night looking for my cell phone, i dropped it at ADS earlier. then when i finally got it back i have like a million missed calls and one of them was fucking stankevitch. i was like wtf does that bitch want, i called him back and he was being sucha jerk so i was like forget u and hung up. i dont need his fucking bullshit calling no more. i mean who calls ppl and when they call back say they didnt. god it felt soo good to have someone hold me again. C:

(my final breath is gOne)
<333 [11 Oct 2004|11:37am]
[ mood | flirty ]

all i have to say is "that was some boo boo weed" lmao.

(4 never stOp until) (my final breath is gOne)
hey, maybe you can keep me up in bed * [06 Oct 2004|07:36pm]
[ mood | hornyyy ]

today after i got out of work amber and i went to spesh. it was fun..i saw mad people that i havent seen in like forever. i always get all happy when that happens C: annnd i was esspecially happy that i was SINGLE cause i broke up with billy yesterday. soo happy to be single, i didnt think itd feel this good but ya kno. i didnt like being tied down to him anymore. i felt like his fucking slave. soo yea, fun night, short week of school, pay day on friday C: im a pretttty happy hoe right now <3

(2 never stOp until) (my final breath is gOne)
spare me just 3 last words "i love you" is all she heard, ill wait for you..but i cant wait forever [30 Sep 2004|04:19pm]
new layout =) its all pink and pretty and ville valo is just making it look so hot..anyways, school was school. went to pros after as usual and walked home with ashley. umm..i did basically nothing all day but britt and ashley are coming here in like 10 MINOOTOS (lmao ashley) today i wanted to slap myself. im being sucha bad girlfriend. but it was soo cute, last night i was thinking of breaking up with billy and i just thought and thought about him and i knew i couldnt do it. i love him to much. we've been thru a lot in the past 3 months, i could never let him goo.. anways i must go brittany just came here so im gunna go chill with that loser..Oh and ashley just walked in the door NAKIEE

xox, jamiee <33

(5 never stOp until) (my final breath is gOne)
and thats what u get for falling again, you can never get him outta your head [26 Sep 2004|03:34pm]
[ mood | indescribable ]

k. im a major bitch C: i always make a big deal out of little things. annd i always insist that everyones mad at me. lol i just dont kno. i want things to go back to the way they were. LIIIKE LASST SUMMER!!! oh god it was great. or atleast how they were in the begining of this summer. it used to be me, amanda, ashley, and brittany everyday. and now its juSt me ashley and brittany. we miss our 4th leg dearly. esspecially this one here (me). hMmM..well i feel a lot better now then i did on friday. hopefully everything will fall back in place on its own since me trying to fix it fucks it all up even more. yes. mrs henning is taking me and my wholee group out tomarrow 2nd period. i miss black and white photo. which is good for me cause i always walk into someone in the black room. its like my new hobby. i have the sudden urge to see Senses Fail. OMGGG IM SOOO FUCKING MADD.. THE ATREYU,TBS,AND FUNERAL FOR A FRIEND SHOW IN NOVEMBER IS ALLLL SOLD OUTT!!! IM SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MAD. I WAS ALL EXCITED AND SHIT TO BE SEEING MY DEAREST ATREYU AND JUST KNOWING THAT FFAF AND TBS WAS GUNNA BE THERE MADE IT SOO MUCH BETTER. AND NOW I MISS THEM =( WUT A BITCH, WUT A BITCH k im done. <3<3xo

(11 never stOp until) (my final breath is gOne)
soaking in sympathy from friends who never loved u nearly half as much as me.. [24 Sep 2004|01:32pm]
[ mood | heartbroken ]

yes. my life sucks, i miss my boyfriend and i have noo friends. seriously..im losing them and its gotten to the point where my best friend doesnt care about me and she doesnt even wanna kno me anymore. britt and ashley are really all i got and ya kno wut..thats okay. i love them and they're the only ones that stuck by me despite all this shit. everyone else says nothing changed but i felt changes it all today. but if they cant accept wut i do then i guess theres no friendship in that right? idk i kno deep down its not okay and that im not fine with this. theres nothing i can do tho. and the thing is I DID NOTHING
WRONG!!! im not doing shit to hurt anyone else. itd be nice if ppl actually told me how they felt instead of talking about me alll day like its nuttin. i just dont kno..

(2 never stOp until) (my final breath is gOne)
she fixes her lips; they always look perfect [19 Sep 2004|09:36am]
[ mood | crazy ]

well..ive had a tough weekend..billy left for florida yesterday and we were arguing before he left..it got bad. i seriously dont kno wuts going on between us. i dont kno wut i want and i have no clue wut he wants..i havent really talked to him about it. all i kno is that i got some great friends that help me out more then i kno. i love them to death!!! annnd tracies brothers are awesome. =) miss my katie soo much.

(10 never stOp until) (my final breath is gOne)
excuse me while i fall apart; don't flatter yourself sweetheart [11 Sep 2004|08:55pm]
[ mood | sick..upset..inlove ]

okk well much has been going on and the most recent and heartbreaking one is my dearest boyfriend is moving this saturday..hes going to florida for 5 months. in a way im lucky because hes coming back but still ill miss him very much. schools been ok i guess..my crew is back together =) my mother moved out for a little bit to sort out her problems and shit. idk shits been confusing me lately. i seriously dont kno wut im gunna do without him for so long </3 its breaking my heart everytime i think about it. i feel eyelashes on my cheek & they lacerate on my flesh a pain so good put your hand in mine Never let go Never wake up cause im done with promises I'm taking blood oaths it feels like you could kiss my imperfections, my imperfections away and I will stand stand by your side stil the sun turns the sky all the colors i see in ur eyes I'll never need to see the sun again There's enough light in your eyes To light up our little world So take me Take me away Kill me slowly I'll never be the same I swear to you On everything I am And I dedicate to you All that I have And I promise you That I will stand right by your side Forever and always Until the day I die The bite marks on my neck Never felt so good I'm losing control And its all that I can do Not to black out and Fall into lust with you Your kisses infect me The dark gift is loving you And I'll never need to see the sun again There's enough light in your eyes To light up our little world So take me Take me away Kill me slowly I'll never be the same And I feel immortal And I want to make you feel the same So stand by me As we immolate We can burn in each others arms <3<3<3

(3 never stOp until) (my final breath is gOne)
*love* or something ignites in my viens .. [08 Sep 2004|06:01pm]
today was the first day of high school. not bad i must day. i must admitt i kinda like it. i get to see people i dont see that much (like heather,mrs henning) everyday =) =). i got lost tho. sad isnt it? well after school me ashley tracie and britt went to amandas to see her new baby kitten Amelia<3 shes so cuuute and little. then we chilled wit tommy and christian. then we all went to my house and they just left around 8:30. we had a good ol' time C:

today is me and katies 5 month anniversary..wish us more happiness..hehe..and its also me and billys 2 month. i couldnt be happier..well yea i could be but ya kno everythings live-able.

(6 never stOp until) (my final breath is gOne)
[04 Sep 2004|09:48am]
yes. i am engaged to kaitlyn schmidt isnt that great guys?? we'e planning on a fall or maybe a spring wedding we arent sure lol.. ohH and we're gunna be strippers at our own strip club. =) i love u katie!!

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